11mm Shortkicks


The 17th edition of the festival is postponed to the second half of the year

11mm shortkicks Competition: 

The 11mm festival will come to a stunning conclusion with the year's best short films, live music and a host of VIP guests

Host: Inka Blumensaat (NDR).

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The 11mm shortkicks - finalists 2017:

AL HAGVUL - Berlin Premiere
Borderline IL / 2015 / 15:00 min / Dmitry Konoplov / OmeU

MEX / 2015 / 20:00 min / Raúl López Echeverría / OmeU

HORACIO & JOHAN - World Premiere
NL / 2017 / 12:00 min / Johan Kramer / OmeU

USA / 2016 / 2:00 min / Case Jernigan / OF

USA / 2016 / 17:00 min / Kenan Harris-Holley / OF

SATURDAY - Berlin Premiere
GB / 2014 / 14:00 min / Mike Forshaw / OF

UN OBUS PARTOUT - Berlin Premiere
F / 2015 / 9:00 min / Zaven Najjar / OmeU

11mm shortkicks jury 2017:

Salomon Kalou (Hertha BSC), Arne Friedrich (former football professional), Helmut Schulte (Union Berlin), Kerstin Ott (singer / songwriter), Anne Leppin ( Deutsche Filmakademie), Alfred Holighaus (Präsident SPIO) and one player from the Bundesliga squad of VfL Wolfsburg.


The 11mm shortkicks - finalists 2016:


N 2014, 6.00min, no dialogue
DIR: Rune Denstad Langlo,
Snow as far as the eye can see - for months upon months. Foul centers on the everyday but imaginative impressions of a ten-year-old girl on a normal winter day in Norway.

La Veu del Bar

NL 2015, 4.14min, original with English subtitles, German premiere
DIR: Johan Kramer
For the past 60 years, stadium announcer Manel Vich has been the voice of mighty Barcelona. The fans all know his voice, but almost no one recognizes him.

Padres Hooligans

E 2015, 11.00min, original with English subtitles, world premiere
DIR: Alba Gomez, Alba Cid, Sarah Zelich
It's only a youth-division match of the Singuerlín club from a suburb of Barcelona. The parents of the pint-sized athletes treat the proceedings as if it were the Champions League final.

Präsident Ulonska

D 2015, 11.50min, original with English subtitles
DIR: Daniel Brückner & Dominik Boymanns
Klaus Ulonska was originally a fan of Cologne FC, but fans of rival Fortuna Cologne convinced him to help save their club. What was originally planned as a four-week engagement turned into a ten-year tenure as club president.


GB 2013, 4.00min, no dialogue
DIR: Ross Hogg
"Spectators" concentrates on the unsung stars in the stadiums - the fans who attend every match and accompany the events on the pitch with never-changing rituals.

An Unfair Game

GB 2013, 3.00min, original version
DIR: Kris Hofmann
The beautiful game has become a business, and unfortunately it's begun to neglect those people, without whom it has no soul - the fans.

Sur la touche

F 2014, 14.40min, original with English subtitles, German premiere
DIR: Hortense Gélinet
Samir is a PSG fan, and that gets on his girlfriend Anna's nerves. But she changes her mind one day, when he convinces her to accompany him to the stadium.

Twelfth Man

GB 2014, 5.41min, no dialogue
DIR: Duane Hopkins
Thousands of Newcastle and Sunderland confront one another in the hours between their local derby. Twelfth Man is a vivid portrait of what happens next.


IRL 2014, 13.00min, original with English subtitles, German premiere
DIR: Dave Tynan
Cork, 1982. A young Roy Keane hopes to battle his way to a starting role with his club - thanks to his iron will and typically vocal instructions on the pitch.  


The 11mm shortkicks - finalists 2015:

11 Churches (GB / 2014 Andrew Bone)
Der Tag wird kommen (GER / 2014 /Dennis Dirksen)
En Équipe (FR / 2012 /Steve Achiepo)
Fußballfloskeln wörtlich genommen (GER / 2014 /Jörn Hintzer & Jakob Hüfner)
Game (GB / 2015 /Ina Nikolova)
Gol de Messi (ESP / 2013 /Christian León Brazao)
Im Glanze dieses Glückes (GER / 2015 /Sven Schrader & Riccardo Wolff)
Top soccer shootout ever (USA / 2014 /Jared Shores)
Un sonho Severino (BRA, CAN / 2014 /Danilo Baracho)

11mm shortkicks jury 2015:

Marcel Schäfer - VfL Wolfsburg - 11mm shortkicks juror
Torsten Mattuschka - Energie Cottbus - 11mm shortkicks juror
N.N. - Hertha BSC Berlin - 11mm shortkicks juror
Aljoscha Pause - filmmaker, director - 11mm shortkicks juror
Thomas Staisch - journalist - 11mm shortkicks juror
Stefanie Fiebrig - football blogger - 11mm shortkicks juror
Marleen Lohse - actress and singerin - 11mm shortkicks juror

Naldo - VfL Wolfsburg - 11mm shortkicks Special guest