11mm Shortkicks

Inka Blumensaat moderiert wie 2019 die 11mm short-Gala, Foto Felix Herlt

MO, 16.05.2022 / 19:30 BABYLON 1

In the 11MM SHORTKICKS Gala we present the most imaginative and moving football short films of the year. The audience watches them in the cinema together with the annual 11MM SHORTKICKS JURY, which chooses the "most beautiful football short film of the year" live on stage at the end of the evening. In addition, there will be live music, the ceremonial awarding of the other 11MM prizes and a lot of good humor. Among others we could win as members of the jury actor Uwe Preuss, producer Antje Boehmert, the "white Brazilian" Ansgar Brinkmann, national player Pia-Sophie Wolter (VfL Wolfsburg) and the CEO of SV Babelsberg 03, Katharina Dahme. We are also expecting a current professional football player from Berlin.

Moderation: Inka Blumensaat (NDR)

11mm shortkicks Competition: 

Das Spiel

Girls talk about football


Manchester Acatitla


The Eagles Of Carthage

Presented by Volkswagen 11mm2017 volkswagen logo

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