Many Cultures, One Ball

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11mm New national and international releases
Main target of 11mm is to present our public the most important new releases of both, national and international, in the field of football feature films and documentaries. Our journey has never been that far and manifold. The travellers are going to meet players and clubs all over the world as well as war and dictatorship and also topics like human dignity and tolerance. Two aspects are always taking centre: "many cultures, one ball".

The 11 mm festival opens on Thursday, 15. October 2020 with the German documentary "Men of Hope". The filmmakers Till Derenbach and Andreas Fröhlich accompany the afghan football team and their German-Croatian coach Petar Šegrt on their way through qualification for the Asia Cup 2019. The filmmakers discovered by chance the story of the "most dangerous football coach jobs in the world" in a newspaper article.

Main topics at #11mm2020:

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