Exhibition: Amateur football in Russia

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Since 2012 the photographer Sergey Novikov has been creating portraits of amateur football teams in Russia. His photographs illustrate the social importance of the football fields: it’s on the pitch where the local inhabitants come to play, to celebrate, to negotiate. Yet the focal points of Novikov’s images fixate not only on the fields, but also their surroundings. A church or a factory looming in the background illuminates the lack of barrier between the players, the fans, and the surrounding region.

Born in 1979, Sergey Novikov aims to depict the influence that football culture has on the local population in his Grassroots' Projekt. Even when the amateur matches are sparsely attended, football and its stadiums heavily influence the landscape and society.

The Moscow-based photographer’s photos are on display for the first time in Germany. The opening reception for the exhibition will take place on Thursday, 22.03.2018 in conjunction with the opening of the 11MM Film Festival.

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