11mm shortkicks Gala with Film and Music

Tuesday, 01 April 2014

Jan-Dirk Bouw, der Regisseur von „I love Hooligans“ bei der 11mm shortkicks Gala /© Foto Manja Wolff / wolffilm.de

The winner of the prestigious Golden 11 for the best short film was Dutchman Jan-Dirk Bouw’s “I love Hooligans.” It received at least points from every single member of the jury and clearly came out on top of the competition. 

In der Jury saßen die Fußballprofis Naldo vom VfL Wolfsburg und Ronny von Hertha BSC, die Musikerin Anna F., Kultur-Journalist Jens Balzer, Kultur-Managerin Katja Lucker und interfilm Festivalleiter Heinz Hermanns /© Foto Manja Wolff / wolffilm.de

The jury was comprised of football professionals Naldo of Wolfsburg and Ronny from Hertha Berlin, musician Anna F., journalist Jens Balzer, cultural manager Katja Lucker and interfilm festival director Heinz Hermanns. 

Anna F. bei der 11mm shortkicks Gala / © Foto Manja Wolff / wolffilm.de

The Austrian singer Anna F. and her backing guitarist got the audience in a suitable mood for the evening. It was a thoroughly enjoyable event with excellent special guests, wonderful films and lots of fun for all concerned.

von 11-mm

In the video made by medienakademie berlin, the jurors all talk about their choices, and audience members discuss the 11mm shortkicks gala.

 11mm shortkicks Gala / © Foto Manja Wolff / wolffilm.de

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