Football for Good

Tuesday, 09 April 2019

Streetfootball World presented "Football for Good" at the 11mm international football film festival. From the 21st - 25th of March Berlin‘s Babylon cinema swapped red carpets for green turf for the 16th instalment of the 11mm International Football Film Festival. Gracing the big screen with worldwide premieres were two documentaries featuring the work of streetfootballworld network members and the power of football for good.


Sebastian Gil Miranda’s "Baba Yao" traces the incredible origins of a football pitch formed amongst the rubble of Nairobi slum, Mathare, and its redeeming effect upon its local community. By trade a photographer, Miranda’s flm journeys through the narrow alleyways of corrugated metal to transport his audience directly into the epicentre of Mathare life. Through his assemblage of moving photographs we explore the seeds of a story planted by Austin Ajowi that took fruit thanks to one man’s tireless efforts and his collaboration with the organisation Fútbol Más.


Jaja Films have once again teamed up with Street Child United to create the third edition of the Streetkids United series. Directed by Jacco Groen and Jamillah van der Hulst, "Streetkids United 3 – The Road to Moscow" brings us to the streets of Chennai, India, to meet nine young girls on their journey representing Team India at the Street Child World Cup 2018 in Moscow.