Five times women in football

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Although set in different regions of the world at different times, these five extraordinary documentaries have one thing in common: The firm intention of women who fight for their right ton participation in football.

The women from Bergisch Gladbach, who won the first inoffical WM title as not yet existing German national team (Das Wunder von Taipeh), or the women in Libya (Freedom Fields) - they let no one stop them from playing football. Even significant drawbacks - like injuries in Almuth Schult's case (Vom Wendland in die Weltklasse) – or, like family matters in the ukrainian documentary (Domashni Igri) – can moderate their passion. And once one has played the highest-altitude football match on the Kilimandscharo, one will never let go of the ball anyway! (Equal Playing Field)

FREEDOM FIELDS: FR / 16.10.2020 / 17:30 H
DOMASHNI IGRI: SA / 17.10.2020 / 14:45 H
DAS WUNDER VON TAIPEH: SA / 17.10.2020 / 17:30 H
EQUAL PLAYING FIELD: SO / 18.10.2020 / 19:00 H
ALMUTH SCHULT: MO / 19.10.2020 / 17:30 H