Monday, 23 March 2020

#stayhome and #westayatworkforyou. DA big thank you goes out to all the great people who ensure that life goes on, even if differently. With #shortkicks@home, the International Football Film Festival 11MM wants to contribute to taking your mind off monotonous everyday-life in quarantine, as well as alleviate frustration about the postponed festival 2020.

Starting on Monday, March 23rd, 11MM presents SHORTKICKS@HOME, the online football short film edition. From today onwards, we will present at least one football short film that is available online, every day. To keep that festival-feeling going, we will be presenting three films every day from March 26th-30th, the time of the originally planned 11MM Festival. For Monday, usually our 11MM SHORTKICKS GALA day, we have assembled three award-winning films from the past years.

Short comedies, powerful documentaries and impressive animations: The 11MM SHORTKICKS AWARD has seen many amazing short films about football. Ever since 2007, the best football short film of the year is chosen and awarded at 11MM – the International Football Film Festival. Many of these gems are accessible online.

We begin with “Bloody Footy“ - a short comedy about the rivalry between Australian and European football. Dean Chircop‘s 15-minute film was screened at 11MM in 2006 – the Australian director‘s film made many laugh, and is just the right choice for the current situation.

Bloody Footy / Director: Dean Chircop / Short film 11MM 2006

There will be links to the clips updated daily on Facebook and Twitter . There will also be an online schedule on our website with links to all those films, that have been released already.

The 11MM-Team