Not to the movies, online we go!

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Postponed. Pospuesto. Reporté. Rinviato. Ajornat. Verschoben.

Whatever the language, it always sounds odd. The doors of our festival cinema Babylon were supposed to open today. We intended to celebrate today the start of our 17. festival of 11 mm together. Today we would have watched the fantastic opening film.

Supposed to. Intended to. Would have.

It turned out differently. The shared celebration at the cinema has to wait. There are more important issues these days. And that ist the reason why we thought:

If you can’t make it to our place, we simply come to your place.

Since the beginning of the week we have been celebrating a small big short film festival online at „Shortkicks@Home“; every day we set a link to a football short film taken from 17 years 11 mm. This should sweeten the waiting for #11mm2020 and make life within your own four walls a little more colourful.

In order to promote the real festival spirit within the originally planned time frame we will even go a step further and provide a daily link to three films. It starts on inauguration day of #11mm2020 with three wonderful short films of and about football enthusiasm in Spain.

Spain, where a football match of the German and Spanish national teams was supposed to take place today, is currently suffering the effects of the Corona Virus more then hardly any other country.

In „Maxima Pena“ and „Libre Indirecto” Palm d’or Winner Juanjo Giménez tells stories on the periphery of an amateur match. And in „La veu del Barça“ Johan Kramer portrays a legend of the big FC Barçelona, unbeknown to many football fans.

Even if it sounds trite, 11mm has been showing us in 17 years since its inception: The football film unites as well as football itself does. Prooved not least by 20 football film festivals world wide by now, interconnected in a network. We exchange ideas and help each other in researching information. We visit each other. We celebrate together.

With today’s three films we not only intend to celebrate the spanish and catalan football culture but we bow to our partner festivals „Offsidefest" in Barcelona and „Thinking Football“ in Bilbao.

Offsidefest! Berlín t’abraça!

Thinking Football! Berlín te abraza!

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