Nominated for the 11MM Jury Award

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Six films from this year's festival are nominated for the 11MM Jury Award. The selection is diverse:

21:30 BAB 2 ⚽ Robin‘s Hood
An intimate look inside a multi-culti club from Vienna.

16:15 BAB 2 ⚽ La Fortaleza
A fan film from Colombia.

18:30 BAB 2 ⚽ Tala‘vision
A medium-length feature film from a civil war country about the hope that a soccer game on TV can give and destroy.

21:00 BAB 2 ⚽ Det vackra spelet
A year-long cinematic accompaniment of a now successful player from the moment of scouting in Africa to his arrival and first games in Europe.

16:00 BAB 2 ⚽ Un giorno all‘improvviso
A feature film from Italy about a mother-son relationship.

18:15 BAB 2 ⚽ Nadia
A documentary from France about an unusual player who had to flee Afghanistan as a child.