Line-Up To Be Announced on March 1

Friday, 19 February 2016

In four weeks, the 13th edition of 11mm International Football Film Festival will kick off in Berlin. The festival and production directors spent today wrangling over which films would be screened and in which cinemas. As is always the case, this involved fighting over cinematic tastes, the lengths of the works featured and personal tastes in clubs. In the end, though, those responsible were able to agree on 60 films. Once again, the festival will include documentary, fictional feature and short films. The official 11mm line-up will be announced on March 1.

The first press events have also begun. Yesterday, festival directors Andreas Leimbach-Niaz and Christoph Gabler appeared in the talk show "Raum für Notizen" on ALEX TV to dicuss football, film and culture in general. The show will be available online shortly.