In search of an anthem

Saturday, 01 April 2017

Might it not get boring, hearing the same song for 12 minutes of a film? Director André Schäfer asked himself this question. It ended up being 25 minutes. 25 Minutes of "You’ll Never Walk Alone". No one in the cinema objected. Quite the opposite, in fact: the song was the reason they'd come.

For the world premiere of the documentary "You'll Never Walk Alone" on Friday evening, the main cinema at Kino Babylon was almost completely sold out. And of course, there was a generous smattering of red Liverpool shirts in the audience. The documentary follows actor and football fan Joachim Król as he traces the story of the world famous football anthem. He visits those who, in one way or another, guided the song along its way to becoming an umistakable stadium classic. His search takes him through Vienna, Budapest, New York, and of course, Liverpool, where a musical theatre song became first a rock and roll hit and then a footballing anthem.

Director André Schäfer and his seven colleagues are visibly thrilled after the screening. "It's very exciting to show the film to an informed audience," says Schäfer. He adds that he was delighted to see how people reacted.
To please such an audience is a challenge, especially as "You'll Never Walk Alone" is a song that means so much to so many clubs. The film focuses on Liverpool and Dortmund. But to avoid disappointing anyone, Schäfer and his team promise to add more designs of the film poster - in a host of different club colours.

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